Establishment Republicans Are Rallying to an Al Gore Lobbyist to Replace Mick Mulvaney. Stop Them.

Mick Mulvaney is now at the Office of Management and Budget. In the House of Representatives, he was a strong conservatives who supported limited government and fiscal discipline.

One of the major candidates to replace him in a special election in South Carolina is a man named Tom Mullikin. Mullikin is a liberal who donated to Debbie Stabenow and Jim Clyburn. He also worked as a lobbyist for Al Gore. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Rick Santorum has come out for this liberal and conservatives need to rally to Chad Connelly to make sure Mulvaney’s seat is kept by conservatives.

While Mullikin was helping Al Gore, Chad Connelly was growing the GOP in South Carolina.

While Mullkin was funding leftist Debbie Stabenow, Chad Connelly was defending Christian liberty.

We absolutely must hold Mulvaney’s seat. The GOP Establishment wants to move it left and they have found their man. Conservatives, we have our own guy in Chad Connelly.

Donate to his race now. We absolutely must help Chad raise money.

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