Evan McMullin Flexes His Brand

Failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin, once considered by some to be the last great hope for American conservatism, has been at it again.  Attempting to demonstrate that his vaunted principles are about as authentic as a Jack In The Box taco, today he posted the following observations about the ongoing drama of Mike Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser on Twitter:


Yep, Evan’s gotta keep selling that brand.  After all, those cable news appearances and speeches aren’t gonna book themselves, are they?

What’s really sad here is that McMullin knows better.  As a guy who has worked in the intelligence community, it should scare the hell out of him that rogue elements within that community–very likely working with former officials from the Obama administration–have been breaking the law to leak information that has the sole purpose of doing political damage to a duly elected president.  Does McMullin really think that it’s in the best interests of the United States to have an unelected Deep State pulling the strings and controlling everything, essentially nullifying the concept of representative government?  How is that in any way principled?  And how is that in any way conservative?

Down this way lays a very dark path.  It means that the White House will have to operate from the assumption that its own intelligence agencies cannot be trusted.  What happens when a critical piece of information comes in, but the president doesn’t know if it’s genuine or just another political trap set by his enemies at the CIA, or the NSA, or the FBI?  Will he act on it in time?  Can he?  The potential for catastrophe in this kind of scenario cannot be overstated. We already live in a dangerous world.  This kind of nonsense will only make it even more dangerous.

But what’s all that, when there’s a #NeverTrump brand to protect?

By the way, Bill Kristol–one of McMullin’s big boosters–also got in on the act:

Some conservative principles you got there, Bill.

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