Evangelicals for Gay Marriage? LOL.

The media is so excited about the growing movement of evangelicals coming out in favor of gay marriage. There’s just one problem. It is not actually true. The polling cited is polling that has watered down the meaning of “evangelical” to try to make the case. Among people, including young people, who attend church regularly there has been no change. Read this by Russell Moore on why evangelicals won’t cave. Here’s a snippet.

The first one mentioned is almost always a church in Franklin, Tennessee—a congregation with considerably less than a thousand attendees on any given Sunday. That may be a “megachurch” by Episcopalian standards, but it is not by Evangelical standards, and certainly not by Nashville Evangelical standards. The church is the fifth-largest, not in the country, not in the region, not even in the city; it is the fifth-largest congregation on its street within a mile radius.

Read the whole thing. It’s well worth it.

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