Evangelicals, This Precedent Will Haunt You If You Stay Silent

The President has suggested he would have the FCC take away NBC’s license because of fake news. This is, obviously, the President trolling us. He can’t do that and NBC has no license. Individual NBC affiliates have an FCC broadcast license and I really doubt the President wants them all to be out of business. That would be a massive spike in unemployment.

What the President is doing is trying to highlight NBC running a rather fraudulent story about him. This comes after multiple findings that an NBC national security reporter is apparently in the pocket of a Democrat and pro-Russia PR firm.

The problem, though, is that while President Trump’s supporters take him seriously and not literally, plenty of others take him literally and not seriously. For a President to suggest the FCC should target a media outlet is a dangerous precedent. Just as President Trump has been able to use prior Obama era precedents, including Obama’s own words as President, to undermine the Obama agenda, a future Democrat President can do the same.

Today, President Trump is targeting NBC. Tomorrow, a Democrat could target Fox News or conservative talk radio.

This is a dangerous game at which the President is playing. He may be flippant, but others will use his words against his own side later. Evangelicals have a lot to lose here as they grow Christian radio programming and stations. They will find themselves with a Democrat President wanting to shut them down and a media and majority of the public wondering why they never said anything when Trump wanted to shut down NBC.

If they are silent here, they will lose the moral authority to speak out when the left comes for them.

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