Evelyn in Bubbles


I think this is my new favorite picture of Evelyn. I’ve made it my desktop background on my computer.

We had a birthday party in Carrollton this weekend for Ory and me (today is actually my birthday) and I got a bubble gun for Evelyn to play with up there. We have one at home and she really likes it.

She and Wesley played all weekend in the bubbles.

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  • She isn’t a baby anymore, thats so sad. She is so pretty, she has her mother’s genes. HAHA. No, I can see you both. Good job. Happy birthday again, old dude. It really doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? I am spending mine in Louisiana since Gerald will be in Africa for mine this year. I think he plans annual training every year to miss it. Love to you all!

  • Heavens a-mighty!

    Yesterday, she was just a “bean” on an MRI!

    Who is that little Princess?

    ……….and have you decided on which closet you are going to lock her in until her twenty-first birthday? ? ? ?