Events Change Things

Those of us who oppose Donald Trump need to remember that events can change things. I say this more often, perhaps, than I should, but it is true. Events can change things. What we also hear is that people are not paying attention right now. That, I think, is wrong. People are paying attention to Campaign 2016 in ways they have not before. Over 70% of registered voters surveyed by Fox News had heard of the Khan situation with Donald Trump. People are paying attention, but events can change things.

Though it is not probable he will win, it is still possible Trump will win. It is possible the Russians will hack our electronic voting system to help him. It is possible the public will somehow decide he is less noxious than Clinton. It is possible a major terrorist attack happens that freaks people out and they rush into the arms of the supposed strong man. Events can change things.

But it is also worth noting that events can change things in the opposite direction. Trump has had verbal diarrhea for seventy-two hours. He has dominated the news cycle. Every hour there is another negative Trump story because Trump keeps opening his mouth. Events can change things. Hillary Clinton as a 5.1% lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average. Trump could drive that up to 10%, which is the lead Clinton maintains in the Fox News poll.

I think people are paying attention already, but I think events can change things. We should not, however, read that to mean events can change the race solely in Trump’s favor. Events can change things to cause a Clinton landslide too. And right now, the more Trump runs his mouth the more that seems a growing possibility.

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