Every State Level Conservative Organization in America Should Have Something Like This

I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous Empower Texans is. This group is so dangerous that the establishment Republicans in Texas tried to have its leadership arrested for the simple reason of exposing their lies. It is a good dangerous — a dangerous that other conservatives should model.

Empower Texans has a scorecard that should serve as a model for other states. It exposes how often Republicans claim to be conservative and fall short. It is a scorecard that members of the Texas legislature are deeply mindful of and that the elected officials’ constituents are aware of.

There are not a lot of state level conservative organizations that put points on the board. Texas is fortunate to have two. But Empower Texans sets itself apart as a model grassroots organization with useful, easy to process information. Where I am, in Georgia, we don’t have a scorecard for our state legislature like what Empower Texans puts out in Texas. I tried to do one with my radio show, but it was a near impossible undertaking just given bandwidth to be able to do it credibly. That’s how I know just how much work goes into something like this. And Empower Texans pulls this off repeatedly.

Look, I am a long time critic of state level conservative organizations. We need many more good ones. Most of them tend to be establishment friendly and work their magic, funded by corporate interests, to ensure that state level Republicans are always labeled conservative. Empower Texans is different and should be the model organization for state level conservative groups. They are not yes men to corporate interests, but are authentically, aggressively, unapologetically conservative. Their scorecard is a gold standard for the state level.

We need more Empower Texans around the nation and I’m honored they stepped forward to sponsor this week of The Resurgent.

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