Everyone Gets a Medal of Freedom From Obama, Except These

President Obama awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in America. Listen, I have nothing against the Vice President. He’s a jovial guy, a good father by all accounts, who tragically lost his son to cancer.

As far as I can tell, Biden is the only VPOTUS to ever receive the award.

President Obama has given out these medals like candy, awarding 123 of them, 21 more than the second place finisher, Ronald Reagan. Though Reagan was partial to giving the awards to the great singers of his day (Frank Sinatra got his in 1985), he awarded 10, two of them posthumously. Obama has awarded 12, all of them to living people.

Obama has also given out way more to film actors than any other president, mostly to his own donors of course. De Niro, Hanks, Poitier, Redford, Spielberg, Streep, Streisand, and Cicely Tyson made his list.

Predictably, Obama handed out a relatively small number of medals in the “Business and economics” category: just five to Reagan’s eleven. Bill Clinton handed out seven, and George W. Bush awarded six (one posthumous to Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s fast food chain).

But the most telling category in which Obama handed out no medals is history. That makes sense since progressives only like to rewrite history instead of learn it. Reagan give two, Bush gave three, Clinton gave one, and Gerald Ford handed out three, including one to the prodigious Bruce Catton.

Nearly every category has at least one medal recipient from Obama (minus photography, which is rare). Another notable category with no Obama medals is radio, mostly because of Rush Limbaugh and the fact that no liberal radio shows seem to have staying power. Perhaps Trump’s first award should be to Rush.

After the teary-eyed farewell, have your medal ceremony, now we will all join in one last group hug before Mr. Obama rides off into the sunset to his new digs a few blocks from the White House.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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