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Everything You Need to Know to Understand How Much the Press Corps Hates President Trump

The Circle of Jerks in Washington that makes up the American political press corps hates President Trump. They lean left anyway, but Donald Trump amplifies their biases and arrogance. Having refused even a modicum of introspection after the Presidential election, the Circle of Jerks perceives every word uttered by the President as an insult and believe everyone else over the President.

Consider what happened yesterday.

The Circle of Jerks, taking a reasonable position, loathes the site called Infowars. All right thinking people should, by the way. It is a website that inspired a nutter to go attempt to shoot up a pizza place by pushing crazy conspiracy theories as truth. Infowars has no redeemable value in the minds of sane people.

But Infowars, yesterday, published an email it had obtained from the Trump Administration outlining what would be in the President’s address to Congress tonight. The website suggested they had obtained it exclusively when, in reality, numerous outlets and activists had gotten a copy of the same email, including The Resurgent.

The Circle of Jerks, which loathes Infowars and thinks the site peddles nothing but lies and conspiracy theories, took at face value the website’s claim to exclusivity. They believed the website they think does nothing but lie because their presupposition about President Trump is that he would give a site like that an exclusive.

When I publicly defended the Trump Administration and revealed that The Resurgent and other websites also got that email, more than one reporter acted incredulously. They really believed the President had given that website an exclusive. They really believed a site they think does nothing but lie was actually telling the truth.

Why? Because their presuppositions are to believe the worst about President Trump in every case and not grant him or his administration the benefit of any doubt.

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