Evil Preaches Tolerance Until It is Dominant. Then It Seeks to Silence Good.

A Trump supporter at the University of California was beaten up by progressive activists.

A man wearing a Donald Trump hat was pinned down and choked on a New York subway train.

A middle school student was beaten on a school bus for wearing a Make America Great Again cap.

The eighty-second Avenue of Roses Parade in Oregon had to be canceled after progressive protestors threatened to attack Republicans in the parade. The protestors were afraid letting Republicans march would “normalize” support for President of the United States.

The left has adopted totalitarian violence and threats of violence to silence dissent, diverse ideas, and even common sense.

Consider, as one example, the notion that a young lady provocatively dressed and drinking at a party is more likely to become a target of assault than a more conservatively dressed, non-drinking girl. To suggest this is to endorse rape culture, according to the left. In reality, it is just common sense. Any man in his right mind who has a daughter will admonish her for her own protection and safety.

Saying it publicly, however, generates a hue and cry from the left and that outrage is designed and intended to get you to not say such things. They do not want to confront it, yet they use it to peddle the idea of rape culture.

Likewise, pointing out accurately that just as there are places in this country where wearing a MAGA hat into a bar can get you punched (see above for examples), it is true that a man wearing a tutu into a bar in some parts of the country can get that guy punched. Having pointed out this fact, while making clear it is not deserved or justified, has set the left into outrage mode against me. Why? First because they think I am calling for attacks on gays, but a careful reading of what I wrote mentions just men in tutus, not gays. Second, they do so because they hope to shut me up.

They would prefer not to have to deal with the idea that men shouldn’t wear tutus, let alone into a bar. In the same way, the left will violently oppose anyone who points out transgenderism is a mental health issue. After all, the left believes gender is a societal construct, but also believes one can have surgery to reassign a gender. The logic falls in on itself.

The necessary reaction from the left is to scream loudly and violently when one points out these ideas.

There are certainly people on the right who have engaged in violence to silence those they disagree with, but it seems to be a bigger issue on the left and one the left seems unwilling to tame. Through violence and threats of violence they would prefer we all shut up. Those of us who disagree are to be harassed off the airwaves and internet. Anyone who points out inconvenient truths is shamed as a bigot and those who allow that person to point out inconvenient truths are harassed or targeted for boycotts.

It is all the more necessary for right-of-center individuals and people of faith to speak boldly so that the left cannot drown out our voices. We must remember that evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence good. We are seeing that across America right now and the only proper response is to speak even louder and more boldly, but also to overflow with grace.

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