EVIL: Teen Vogue Article Offers Whimsical Goodies for Post-Abortion Girls

They are after our children.

No words can set off panic and concern quite like those that indicate our offspring are being targeted by some malevolent forces.

Often, those words are overwrought, hyperbolic, and bear only a passing resemblance to what is actually going on, upon closer inspection of the facts.

Until that time that they’re proven true.

Teen Vogue… that’s Teen Vogue… recently posted to their website a whimsical article entitled “What to Get Your Friend Post-Abortion.”

Right away, those who both value life and believe that you let kids be kids, without burdening them with the uglier elements of life, are feeling a cold, sinking knot in the pit of their stomachs.

The background page to the article features two girls, maybe between 14-years and 16-years of age, in private school uniforms, smiling and exchanging cards, or something of that nature.
From the opening of the article:

So your friend is about to have an abortion. Of course you want to be there for her, but you don’t know how. Look, making this decision is never simple, and having to make it as a teenager is more than a little terrifying. But it shouldn’t have to be so scary. The worst part of all this isn’t the procedure itself (which by the way is completely safe as long as you have access to a good clinic). The worst part is how you’re treated afterwards.

The push for keeping abortion providers in ready supply is pressed on the reader, from the start. This is how you recruit future activists and p***yhat wearers.

The article presses on:

Abortion is something that many women feel like they can’t talk about, even amongst themselves, which creates a false stigma. The more we hide something, the more confusing it becomes. But she shouldn’t have to feel ashamed, because she made the right choice for her situation. She is not ready to carry a pregnancy to term — and that’s OK.

Abortion activism is never about choice, is it? Choice indicates more than one path for the individual. With abortion activists, it’s about ending a life. Period.

While teen pregnancy can be unfortunate, and difficult, abortion doesn’t have to be the only option. And it’s definitely not OK.

So what are some of the suggestions the deeply twisted individual who wrote the article feels will make fine post-abortion goodies for a friend?

She starts out by suggesting a heating pad (for the cramps), and watching a movie from the 90s called “All I Wanna Do.”

I’ve never seen the movie, but apparently, it’s teen girls being sassy and having sex.

The next oh-so-helpful suggestion is panties by THINX.

These revolutionary panties allow you to free-bleed like our fore-mothers wished they could. Technically they are made for your period, but that’s no reason not to rock em for post-abortion woes, especially because there will be blood. Honestly, they are kind of perfect because you aren’t allowed to use a tampon for at least 7 days post-procedure anyways, and well — we all know pads can be the worst.

OH, the worst! Absolutely!

More modern feminist idiocy.

Next, feminist poetry, especially the kind that makes you feel empowered after taking the life of a developing infant, sleeping in your womb.
You know, in the event that you were beginning to experience some measure of a conscience, or compassion for your aborted child.

An “Angry Uterus” heating pad, shaped like a patchwork uterus, complete with button eyes and ragged mouth, to aid with cramping.

Oh and she makes a mustached “MAN-struation” version for our trans-friends as well.

Because those girls pretending to be guys are still girls. How inconvenient.

Speaking of uteruses, the “F U-terus” pin is shaped like a uterus, with one of the fallopian tubes curled up to look like a hand, extending the one-fingered salute.

Snag this bb for your bed-ridden bestie and swoop one for yourself too, because the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood, and they need all the support we can give em.

Of course they do.

Then, there is the opportunity to sign up as an “escort” to hustle young women into abortion clinics, acting as shields against those dastardly pro-life protesters.

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book.

I’m not joking.

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book, complete with a very butch haircut, an RBG tattoo, rainbows and unicorns.

This is not ok.

I read through the entire thing and it broke my heart.

It breaks my heart to know that something as vile as abortion is being pimped to our young girls through mainstream mediums that were meant to specifically target kids.

Teen Vogue is written to appeal to girls 13-years of age and up.

I don’t have a daughter, but if I were to catch someone talking to my 13-year old about abortion and in such a way as to make it a casual, unserious thing, I shudder to think of what my immediate reaction would be.

This push to make abortion seem like a slightly naughty, but ultimately cool, trendy outing is dangerous to its core.

The entire article neglects to point out that a 13-year old child is not emotionally ready to engage in a sexual relationship, much less to take on the very adult emotions that can follow having an abortion.

Planned Parenthood is not the savior of budding womanhood.

The emotional wreckage after an abortion will not be quelled with chocolate and coloring books.

This is such an insidious effort to influence young women.

They are after our children.

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