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EXCLUSIVE: How the GOP can make successful tax reform a reality

Last week I spoke with Alfredo Ortiz, the President and CEO of Job Creators Network (JCN), to discuss how the GOP can successfully implement tax cuts.

Ortiz, who is currently working with Newt Gingrich to cut taxes for small businesses, has worked tirelessly to encourage Congress to ease the tax burdens on middle class families.

Earlier this month, Job Creators Network launched a multi-million dollar campaign urging Congress to cut taxes now and sign a bill into law before Thanksgiving.

Ortiz says that the Trump administration has a real opportunity to reform out egregious tax laws in the coming weeks, and hopes that Congress jumps on board.

In an exclusive interview with The Resurgent, Ortiz outlined key ways the GOP can make reforms that matter.

What more do you think the Trump administration can do to lower taxes?

The Trump Administration should continue its great efforts thus far in publicizing and advocate for the recently released tax reform framework, which, if passed, would bring long overdue relief to hardworking taxpayers.” 

How do you think reform efforts will impact middle to lower class families?

The tax reform framework calls for doubling the income threshold under which hardworking Americans pay no tax at all. This – along with plans to expand the child tax deduction, eliminate the marriage penalty, and bring additional relief to working Americans – will provide people with an immediate paycheck boost, allowing them to pay their bills more easily.”  

How will cutting taxes on small businesses help stimulate the economy?

 “Cutting the small business tax from 40 percent to 25 percent, as suggested by the tax reform framework, would allow small businesses to keep more earnings in their businesses and communities. A recent JCN national poll of small business owners finds that most respondents would redirect their tax cut savings into worker raises, new hires, and business expansion – providing a massive stimulus to the economy as more money remains on Main Street.” 

You can learn more about JCN’s work to encourage tax reform here.



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