Exit to the Left

Over at National Review, Byron York offers this overview of the farewell party for Terry McAuliffe. It’s rather sad.

On the set of Meet the Press, Russert played clips of McAuliffe predicting a big Democratic victory in the House. And a big Democratic victory in the Senate. And a big Democratic victory in the Florida governor’s race. And a big Democratic victory in the presidential race. Before those predictions, McAuliffe had bet $1,000 — to be given to charity — on his side winning. As Russert listed the losses, McAuliffe’s debt rose and rose.

It was all done in good humor, but the effect, at the supposedly gala tribute to McAuliffe, was awkward and painful.

No one seemed to sense that more than Franken. “Didn’t the planners of this event do a great job helping us relive all those losses?” he asked, not even trying to be funny.


g part, however, was this quote of John Kerry’s. He proves he still lives in denial.

Kerry gave his prescription for what the Democratic party needs to do to win. And the answer was: Nothing. “This great party of ours doesn’t need a makeover,” Kerry said. “This party is poised to win in the future.”

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