Expanding Forest Hill

Here in Macon, the DOT and County want to expand Forest Hill Road, a badly congested road.

The Macon Police Department considers Forest Hill Road something of a hazard, because the lack of turn lanes leads to rear-end collisions. There have been 44 accidents on the road so far this year, most of them rear-enders, according to Lt. Eric Woodford, in the department’s traffic division.

Woodford said the widening should solve the problem, but residents aren’t so sure. Several have argued that turn lanes should be put in at Forest Hill’s busiest intersections and the rest of the road should be left alone. There are concerns that widening and straightening the road will encourage drivers to go faster, and they already often exceed the 45-mph speed limit.

Let me tell ya, there are a few people who, on a good day, can go that fast, but driving that road on a daily basis is a nightmare at a snails pace. There is always some blue haired driver in a Lincoln Town Car who barely breaks 30mph and rides her brakes all the way down all the hills.

Expand the road.

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