Experts Say McCain’s Recovery May Take Longer Than Initially Expected (and of Course It’s a Political Issue)

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) underwent surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye last week, and his office initially said that the 80-year-old would take a week to recover before turning to Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already planned on delaying the health care vote by a week to allow McCain to get back to Washington, but some experts are saying that the senator’s procedure, called a craniotomy, may require a longer recovery than initially expected.

A craniotomy is an opening of the skull, and an eyebrow incision would be used to reach a clot in or near the left frontal lobes of the brain, neurosurgeons who were not involved in Mr. McCain’s care said.

“Usually, a blood clot in this area would be a very concerning issue,” said Dr. Nrupen Baxi, an assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

He added, “The recovery time from a craniotomy is usually a few weeks.”

The New York Times has mused about the symptoms that may have led to McCain’s doctors ordering the surgery, suggesting that the senator’s odd behavior during the James Comey hearings may have led to suspicion of a problem in the brain. McCain’s history of melanoma also could have been cause for concern.

It didn’t take long for jerks to politicize the senator’s recovery. When the senator’s son Jack wished his dad well on Twitter…

…the “it must be nice to have health care when Obamacare might go away” crowd wasted no time in turning a war hero’s recovery into a political issue.

The whole exchange blew Jack McCain’s mind.

All politics aside, continue to pray for Senator McCain as he recovers.

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