Exxon (And All Climate Change Infidels): Enemy Of The State

National Review’s editors took the unusual step of defending another organization, declaring “an attack on us all” when the U.S. Virgin Islands attorney general served a subpoena on the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a think tank and critic of global warming activism.

Clinging to their state religion of hockey-stick climate change, a gaggle of Democrat attorney generals publicly declared war on infidels by announcing they would “creatively” and “aggressively” use their prosecutorial powers.

That, in and of itself, should raise an entire May Day parade’s worth of red flags: Prosecutors are in the business of enforcing the law, not rewriting it, and the open, naked promise to use prosecutorial powers as a political weapon is a prima facie abuse of office. In a self-respecting society, every one of those state attorneys general would have been impeached the next day. But this is the Age of Obama, not the Age of Self-Respect.

The first target, far from the beltway where lawyers are watched like eagle’s eggs, was in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And the subpoena came via the private Washington law firm, Cohen Milstein.

You will not be shocked to learn that Cohen Milstein has a very large interest — millions and millions of dollars — in separate litigation being pursued against Exxon. You will be even less surprised to learn that the firm received a $15 million contingency-fee payment from Walker’s office in another matter, and we will be surprised still less if, as Exxon suggests, Cohen Milstein has a contingency interest in this new case against Exxon.

I’ve read about political lawfare, but this is simply a government stick-up. Not for money, but for the company’s soul.

This is an attack not only on the First Amendment but on the entirety of the political process itself. It is a scandal, and voters in jurisdictions represented by members of the so-called Green 20 ought to be shocked and dismayed — and outraged — by what is being done in their name, with powers delegated by them to their attorneys general.

Be sure that should your employer–or you personally–cross the priesthood of climate change, you may also be declared an enemy of the state. At least while Democrats occupy the Oval Office.

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