David Barrows of Washington dresses as the grim reaper and wears a sign that reads "Give me your poor, your sick, and your uninsured" as he joins others outside a hearing room where the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing to consider the Graham-Cassidy healthcare proposal, on Capitol Hill, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


UNKNOWN: “ObamaCare was a huge lie to the American people. Our insurance premiums did not go down. We did not get to keep our insurance plans. We did not get to keep our doctors and our taxes did not go down. (…) Have you taken the time to listen to us, who are trying so hard to convey our message? We can no longer afford to pay so much so that so many can pay so little.”
[clip ends] CAMEROTA: “Doc, what do you say to her about all those broken promises?”
EMANUEL: “First of all, not all those broken promises are accurate. The Affordable Care Act has done some remarkable things for people. First of all, it limited total out-of-pocket costs that people would have to pay. Those are high limits, but it does prevent people from going bankrupt and that is, I think, an important protection. And that’s true for everyone. The second thing I would say is, look, one of the problems of the affordable — that has emerged after we passed the Affordable Care Act is we needed some fixes. We recognized we needed to fix some things in the marketplaces and the exchanges to bring premiums down. We needed to guarantee the cost-sharing subsidies to have reinsurance so that if an insurance company had super-high expensive people it wouldn’t affect everyone’s premiums. We also needed to get more insurance companies in rural areas and uncovered counties by maybe reducing their taxes from the Affordable Care Act. There are a lot of fixes that can be done. Unfortunately, we could not do that because Republicans would not pass some fixes.”

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