Fake Guns Kill People

By a unanimous vote the Baltimore City Council cleared the way for replica guns to be banned in the Charm City.

“These replica guns are not toys,” [City Councilman James] Kraft said. “They look exactly like real guns, and unless you are standing there holding them in your hands you cannot tell the difference. We need to get them off the streets.

“The fewer guns we have on the streets, real or replica, the safer it is.”

Since that statement, to most people, is too stupid to even be wrong, let me focus on just the part of it dealing with the lethality of replica guns.

Without a doubt, replica guns kill people.

Okay, let me clarify: Replica guns kill people who point them at police officers.

One officer wrote on a popular Facebook group (of which I’m one of the moderators):

The problem with trying to make fake guns look fake by mandating orange tips (for safety purposes) is that we LEO’s don’t care.

I have already confiscated several real guns in my career where the suspect painted the tip orange. One suspect painted his .357 revolver completely “baby blue” with the last inch of the barrel painted orange.

We don’t make the decision on whether to shoot or not based on the color of a gun. It’s based on the behavior of the suspect & their actions.

If you disobey my legal commands & point a pink pistol at me……you will definitely get shot……

The anti-gun crowd lacks any kind of common sense. They listen to people who see a 9-year-old in a park with a toy gun and freak out, calling police. The cops get a report of a “black kid waving a gun” from dispatchers, and go in with a tactical mindset. Then the boy gets killed because he has no clue why officers are pointing guns at him.

On the other hand, real criminals paint their real guns like replicas in the hopes they won’t get shot. Other criminals commit armed robbery with fake guns (in Georgia at least, it’s still “armed robbery” whether the gun is real or not, if a reasonable person would think it’s real) hoping they can cop a lesser charge.

Maybe Baltimore’s city fathers would be smarter to make it a crime to make a real gun look fake, rather than banning the fake guns because they look too real? But that would make too much sense.

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