Fake Outrage and Liberal Threats to Move To Trump-Loving WV

Liberals are up in arms and enraged that Sen. Joe Manchin voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. They’ve gone so far as to threaten to move to West Virginia to unseat him.

Kohn, ICYMI, is the liberal race-baiter and general slingshot of imbecility who attacked Christians for the Omar Mateen Orlando massacre, and who got the election and its aftermath so woefully wrong that she shouldn’t ever be listened to again.

And now Kohn is going to hop in her car, with her considerable talents of persuasion, and head to places like Morgantown, where she’ll fit in about as well as a Republican wearing chinos on Haight Street.

But all kidding aside, if Kohn and other liberals want to go after Manchin, let them.


When the left points its outrage gun (it’s a fake gun that shoots bubbles) at its own, somehow it just seems to lack authenticity. Manchin is a Democrat in a state that went 100 percent for Trump. Trump won every single county. What keeps Manchin in office (besides having been governor of the state) is his ability to understand those he represents and what they care about.

Issues like West Virginia’s massive drug problem and jobs are more important to voters there than who is appointed Attorney General. So let the far-left go after him, by all means. If they do anything, they might get Manchin to become a Republican. Then he can keep his Senate seat, and let the Democrats make fools of themselves at the same time.

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