A mourner holds up an American flag and a candle during a vigil for a fatal shooting at an Orlando nightclub, Sunday, June 12, 2016, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins “We are a Nation in Crisis”

Both sides are heated. Both sides feel they have a valid grievance.

After the chaotic scene of Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, there has, unfortunately, been no time of calm or quiet reflection, in order to ponder how our nation got here, and what it will take to get us all on common ground, again.

While the events of Charlottesville revealed to the world the desperate ugliness of white nationalism, those who represent the counter-protest are quickly burning up any good will that may have been felt by those empathizing when one of their members was senselessly killed.

In cities all around the nation, protesters, made up of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, different Communist and Socialist party members are tearing down flags, destroying historical monuments, and holding city streets hostage.

Even Democrat lawmakers are calling that we scrub away entire portions of our nation’s history, with no regard to how that might alienate some citizens.

They feel they’re in the right. They are the righteous ones.

But what about the average, everyday Americans who don’t want to be terrorized by fringe groups from either side?

Our nation needs an intervention, and for all the focus on President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville events, it’s clear that no political intervention will ever be the answer.

Man does not have the cure for the malady of humanness. We never have, left on our own.

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council released a statement on Thursday, seeking to bridge the divide through prayer.

“We are a divided nation that is in crisis. We are no longer talking to each other – only screaming at one another. We are like a married couple in crisis.

“I understand there are strong feelings about these statues given the inflamed rhetoric that is swirling around right now. However, tearing down statues and inciting violence is not the way forward.

“Where are the media’s calls to civility that they issued immediately after James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter and volunteer who came to Washington with a hit list and shot my friend Steve Scalise?

“I’ve dealt with those domestic situations as both a police officer and a pastor. I prefer the route of restoring the relationship rather than having to cart one of the parties off to jail which rarely brings reconciliation.

“What I believe the president should do is call for a time out and call for a day of prayer for America’s healing. I know there are some who will squawk at the idea of a Day of Prayer and Reconciliation — let them instead have a Day of Silence.

“Nothing good can come from the current shouting match that the Left and Right is engaged in – we are bitterly divided and the fissure is only getting deeper by the day.

“I echo the media’s message after Steve Scalise was shot: ratchet down the rhetoric. But I add that we should go a step further this time and let us take a day to seek God and pray for him to bring healing to our nation,” concluded Perkins.

But a nation of imperfect people quickly forgets, and it seems there are no lessons learned.

It is time to seek revival with trembling, asking for forgiveness, first, and then for the help of an almighty God.

This we must do, because every human method of reconciliation has failed, and we can’t take much more.

Psalm 33:12 NIV – “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.”

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