Fascist LGBT Movement Claims Another Scalp

There’s more ‘gaysplaining’ to be done by those who still try to pretend the modern LGBT political movement they support isn’t the 21st century’s reincarnation of fascism.

When their demands sent a devout Christian to prison, they gaysplained that it was her civic duty and she had the choice to avoid prison by either violating her religious conscience to appease them, or resign her job.

When their demands broke a florist in Washington State, they gaysplained that even though she happily provided services to a gay client for nearly a decade, she was still somehow guilty of denying services to him when by opting not to participate in his otherwise voluntary wedding ceremony.

It’s been clear for some time that conscience rights were no obstacle to the imposition of their agenda. And they hid that fascist reality behind the flimsy mask of so-called “non-discrimination” statutes. But true fascism will never be satisfied with simply depriving the rights of the religious.

It was only a matter of time before academic freedom and free speech were in the crosshairs of what liberal comedian Bill Maher has accurately called, “the Gay Mafia.” It seems that time has arrived:

A professor at a prestigious art institute has resigned after he said a troop of “militant LGBT students” turned his classroom into something closer to a “police state than a place where academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas is valued.”


Michael Bonesteel has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as an adjunct for 14 years and is an internationally recognized expert on the 20th-century Chicago artist Henry Darger.

His expertise didn’t matter when a transgender student accused him of insensitivity when he proffered a very legitimate theory about the artistic motivation of Darger being tied to sexual abuse in his childhood. Bonesteel was humiliated by the university’s administration, being forced to publicly apologize and be referred to sensitivity training.

Just a couple days after that, Bonesteel was teaching a comic book class (yes they apparently have those in art college) and an LGBT student accused him of racism, homophobia, and refusal to issue a “trigger warning” about an implied rape in a Batman comic book.

In response to a complaint over that incident, the dean of faculty determined “it is more likely than not that your conduct in relation to this student constituted harassment based on gender-identity in violation of the School’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation.”


Months later, a second student from the comic book class filed a complaint against Mr. Bonesteel on the basis of having been “troubled by the incident.”  The administration later told Mr. Bonesteel that he would no longer be allowed to teach courses on comics or set the curricula for his classes on outsider art, Mr. Bonesteel said. The school also reduced his teaching hours for the next academic year to the point where he would be ineligible for benefits.

Many non-conservatives and liberals experience no heartburn over faithful Christian ladies like Baronelle Stutzman, Elaine Huguenin, or Kim Davis losing their livelihood when the Gay Mafia uses the gun of government to violate their conscience rights. But ignoring the fascism doesn’t make it any less fascist.

Just ask Professor Bonesteel.

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