Father, Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Tweet

If you’ve ever watched a child trying to cover their lies, you know it’s one of the saddest, most pathetic spectacles to behold. Completely removed from truth, the child lacks the capacity to put together credible sounding explanations, and ends up foolishly undermining their own defense without even realizing it.

At the risk of demeaning the innocence of children with the comparison, this is exactly what happened two days ago when the anti-science activists at Planned Parenthood took to Twitter attempting to defend their contemptible lie that abortion is healthcare:

“No one should fear that those entrusted to protect them will harm them without accountability. Freedom from violence is reproductive justice.”

I know. How, other than complete depravity of the mind, can the bosses at the abortion giant not see the horrific contradiction this statement has with their own profession?

Even though it was coined by the social justice warriors on the left, the term reproductive justice is actually an appropriate phrase to use in the case of abortion. Just not the way those committing the injustice use it. If we are a society that claims to believe that all men possess the natural right to life, then any person who willfully denies another human being that right – whether for the sake of personal gratification, emotional peace, monetary benefit, or convenience – is committing a flagrant injustice. So long as Planned Parenthood continues dismembering infants in the womb, there will be no reproductive justice.

And that’s the stunning incongruity of this ill-advised tweet. Planned Parenthood has become so corrupt that their own words now testify against their brutality. It is a universal truism that no one person is more equipped to protect another than a mother is to protect her child.

But operating lawlessly and without accountability – even basic accountability that requires hospital admitting privileges for those performing such incredibly invasive and dangerous procedures like abortion, or medical reporting requirements, or having hallways wide enough to accommodate a stretcher should paramedics need to be called – Planned Parenthood encourages, promotes, and facilitates the most barbaric betrayal of that trusting relationship between mother and child.

It’s so sick, it’s so macabre, it’s so evil that their own words now indict their crimes.

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