FBI Clinton Investigation: What Difference Does It Make? (A Lot!)

Right in the middle of early voting, FBI Director James Comey decides to re-open the investigation against Hillary Clinton. Based on the most recent polling on the issue, and the very slight narrowing of Clinton’s lead in many of her “firewall” states, this is a potential game-changer.

It actually doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says–if he capitalizes or misses the message entirely. The Clinton issue has a news life all of its own, and the MSM can try to spin it but they can’t ignore it. Back in September, a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll found that nearly half of Americans of voting age are “very concerned” about her use of a private email server, and the Clinton Foundation’s ties to foreign governments and money.

According to the poll, among the respondents who said they were concerned about the emails, 52 percent said the main reason was because the emails might contain classified information that was vulnerable to hackers. Another 40 percent were mostly concerned that Clinton had violated State Department policies.

Among those who said they were concerned about donations to the Clinton Foundation, 48 percent said they were generally concerned about foreign money being contributed to organizations run by high-ranking politicians, while 38 percent said they were specifically concerned that donors had more access to Clinton while she was serving in the Obama administration.

If you were planning on voting for Clinton, and you just read or heard this news, would you run to the polls, or wait a bit?

This, combined with the Wikileaks revelations, could–obviously there are no poll results to look at–make an enormous dent in Clinton’s lead, and flip the race in states Trump needs to win. Depending on the poll, Trump has narrowed Clinton’s lead by between 2 and 8 points, nationally. The biggest swing is the ABC News Tracking Poll, which went from Clinton +12 to +5 with a margin of error of 4.5 point between 10/20 to 10/26.

British tabloid the Daily Express speculated Friday before the FBI bomb dropped:

Tyler Durden, a blogger on Zero Hedge, said: “That data seemingly proves one of two things, either the polls are indeed ‘rigged’ to show a desired outcome or the daily drip of WikiLeaks emails is finally starting to take a toll on the Clinton campaign.

“The damage from the daily barrage of WikiLeaks dumps may be finally starting to take their toll on voters.”

The “daily drip” has now turned into a dam break. We will now see if Trump is truly serious (it appears he hasn’t been from his actions) about winning this race.

Trump reminds of the scene from Star Trek (the 2013 version) where James Kirk, as an academy cadet, took the Kobayashi Maru test for the third time. There he was, calmly eating an apple, while his simulated ship was surrounded by Romulans. He knew because he hacked the program.

We have Trump calmly cutting the ribbon on his new hotel three blocks from the White House while his campaign essentially winds down. He’s either insane, given up, always intended to lose, had other goals than winning (like building a media empire), or he knows something. I don’t think Trump is smart enough to rig this.

But wow, it really could be enough to swing the election his way if Clinton voters hold off on early voting, and the FBI does more than send a letter to Congress.

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