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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Promises Transparency, Rolling Back Net Neutrality

Yesterday, Republican Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Ajit Pai announced that he was appointed by the Trump Administration to serve as the 34th Chairman of the FCC.

Below is his announcement:

Pai is a huge proponent of limited government and free market approaches to regulations, which signals he’ll be good for the role. Most notably, he pushed free-market solutions for rural broadband ranges and has pushed to save AM radio. Here’s more from the New York Times:

“AM radio is localism, it is community,” Mr. Pai, 40, said in an interview.

AM’s longer wavelength means it can be heard at far greater distances and so in crises, he said, “AM radio is always going to be there.” As an example, he cited Fort Yukon, Alaska, where the AM station KZPA broadcasts inquiries about missing hunters and transmits flood alerts during the annual spring ice breakup.

“When the power goes out, when you can’t get a good cell signal, when the Internet goes down, people turn to battery-powered AM radios to get the information they need,” Mr. Pai said.

Here’s more about his background:

Pai is a longtime Washington lawyer, who has worked in the Senate, at the Justice Department and the FCC, and had a stint at Verizon before becoming an FCC commissioner in 2012. As a regulator, he voted reliably against many policy proposals by former Democratic Chairman Tom Wheeler, including the contentious and high-profile move to establish so-called net neutrality rules.

Given his tweets, I’m optimistic about Pai assuming the Chairman role at the FCC. Lord knows we need some limited government, free market proponents deregulating restrictions to Internet access and speech.


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