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Feds Give $40,000 Grant To ‘Resistance’ Researcher To Study ‘Gender Minorities’

It’s nice to see the federal government getting involved in the fight against the First Order. The National Institutes of Health have granted $43,576 to a researcher who has listed “The Resistance” as his employer. Presumably, General (and former princess) Leia Organa can put that money to good use.

Wait? He’s not talking about that Resistance? Oh, never mind.

Ethan Cicero, a post-doctoral researcher at Duke University, received the grant on May 1 to study the “health status of gender minorities.” Cicero’s Facebook page – which he has now made private – listed “The Resistance” as one of his employers, and the cover graphic read, “Resist 45.”

“Contemporary, empirically-based knowledge of transgender health is scant,” according to the grant for the project. “Subsequently, as this population continues to grow, they will have key health promotion, illness prevention, and chronic illness self-management challenges.”

“In order to identify and prioritize health needs, and provide the foundation to develop clinical interventions and changes in clinical practice and in policy aimed at promoting health and wellness, preventing illness, and reducing the burden of illness in transgender adults, there is a need to develop a deeper understanding of their health status,” the grant states.

The grant will allow Cicero to continue his research through August 2018.

Cicero published a paper in 2015 that related the story of a transgender person who suffered humiliating treatment in the emergency room. The paper included suggestions for pronoun and terminology uses for doctors and won plaudits from Duke and from transgender activists.

Cicero’s view of feminism leans strongly in favor of transgenderism. He noted on his Facebook page in March that Vice President Mike Pence’s pro-life convictions only apply to “white, straight, and American individuals/babies.” He also sharply criticized January’s Women’s March on Washington for being to, um, pro-vagina:

“Hey Women’s Marchers, vagina does not equal woman,” Cicero wrote on Facebook, referencing the liberal march the day after Inauguration Day that received criticism from transgender activists for not being inclusive to biological men who identify as women.

“Stop erasing trans/gender nonconforming people,” Cicero said, linking to an article in the Washington Post with the headline, “It’s time to drop the vagina as a protest symbol.”

It’s so heartwarming to see our tax dollars going to such a good place, isn’t it? Now, if only he would share his views on Kylo Ren…

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