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Feeling Blue: Vox’s Inauguration Emotion Tracker

No, this isn’t some form of self-parody: Vox has actually set up an “emotion tracker” for their readers during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to, “submit up to five emotions, and we’ll tell you the most common emotion other readers are feeling, as well as how many other people are feeling the way you do.” The tracker also maps out a graph of all the emotions submitted so far (image via screenshot):

As expected, “sad” is the most common emotion so far. Personally, I feel like the “crybaby” tag is applied to the Left a little too often, but this is ridiculous, and stunts like this justify the ridicule liberals receive. Is it okay to be disappointed by an election result? Of course, but it doesn’t mean you put your life on hold and have a group therapy session. It’s a shame that the Left can’t see how foolish their behavior looks to the rest of the country.

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