Feminists Detonated Twitter When They Heard What Stephen Miller Did

Between getting the pool open and setting up the grill, you need to check out Stephen Miller’s (@redsteeze) twitter feed. You see, a Brooklyn theater, the Alamo Drafthouse, advertised a “Women Only Screening: Wonder Woman” for June 8.

Only they didn’t limit who could actually purchase tickets for this event.

That one tweet, and the action implied (that Miller bought a ticket, which he confirms he did), blew up Miller’s twitter. The absolute unhinged outrage is so violent that Miller’s probably getting death threats–because he wants to see an A-list popcorn super hero movie starring an Israeli super model.

Wow. Last night, it built up to a fever pitch, and hasn’t really slacked off since.

The central question here is simple: Can a theater in New York limit a movie showing to women only? (The answer is “no” if it’s a public showing, not a private event; nobody has rented the theater for this wide-release movie.)

But to the feminazis and their fellow-travelers, an invisible line has been crossed. Therefore buying a ticket to the show is considered “crashing.”


These are the sane, reasoned, non-profane responses. (Believe me, it’s the minority.)


In typical liberal fashion, civil rights laws for me, but not for thee.


Miller bought a ticket to a movie he had a legal right to go see, and the theater sold him the ticket. I don’t see the problem here. The theater will be full of women, with the possible exception of him (and any other men who bought tickets and didn’t tweet about it). The hypocrisy here is so thick you could build a house on its foundation.

Not to mention the fact that Gal Godot is Israeli, and supposedly the intersectional causes aligned with feminism and the supremacy of women is that Israel is an evil apartheid society that should be boycotted. Yet there are all the women gathered like hens clucking over a fictional Amazon princess. They should really get a life.

Miller has the credentials on female super hero roles. If anyone should see this movie, it’s him.

Personally, I’m concerned for Miller’s life and safety.

To which he replied simply, “Even better.”

I think the tweetstorms here are more entertaining than the movie itself will likely be. I think I’ll get some popcorn.

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