Finally, Unequivocally, Trump Says Anti-Semitism ‘Has To Stop’

This won’t go over well with the Pepe the Frog crowd, and I’m fine with that. President Trump, acting very presidential, told an MSNBC reporter that ant-Semitism is “terrible,” and “it has to stop.”

In an interview conducted after Trump’s visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture just blocks from the White House, Trump’s remarks were on point, reflective of his previous and consistent calls for racial harmony, and, finally, unequivocal.

Asked if he would denounce ant-Semitism “once and for all,” Trump responded:

Well, I do all the time. I think it’s terrible. I think it’s horrible. Whether it’s anti-Semitism or racism or any — anything you wanna think about having to do with the divide. Anti-Semitism is, likewise, it’s just terrible.

Referring to a spate of threats against Jewish community centers, the president added:

And, you don’t know where it’s coming from, but I certainly hope they catch the people. I think maybe, you have had it for longer than people think, and maybe it gets brought up a little bit more. But I will tell you that anti-Semitism is horrible, that it’s gonna stop, and it has to stop.

Well said, Mr. President.

The problem the left (and the MSM, that should go without saying) has is they can’t separate between Trump’s hard line on border control and immigration versus xenophobia. They can’t and neither can the true xenophobes and anti-Semites who pepper Twitter with Trump-worship.

It was once said about Franklin Delano Roosevelt that the Staten Island Ferry carries a lot of trash in its wake, and so did FDR. Trump is the same way. People who most strongly support curbing Mexican immigration and building a wall include true racists and xenophobes. Trump knew this during the campaign and let those people stew in their own evil juices, because it helped him.

Now, finally, the president is making his position clear, although the far-left isn’t hearing it, and the racists probably aren’t hearing it either. They are both too invested in their narratives to listen.

But I’m listening, and anyone else who is listening should be proud and happy that Trump finally made this statement. If he would follow it up with action that would be an even better signal.

There’s no room for Jew-haters in Trump’s big tent. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of vacancy and welcome signs over with the Democrats, who partner with the real enemies of Jews worldwide (despite Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous tweets).

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