First Impressions

Wow.  And just, wow.

Donald J. Trump’s inaugural address wasn’t just a slice of good, old-fashioned populism.  It was a shot across the bow of the Washington Establishment.  In nautical terms, Trump just hoisted the Jolly Roger over the ship of state and warned all the career politicians in DC that he’s coming for them.

If you’ve been to DC lately, you know what Trump is talking about.  It’s a thriving, bustling city–and why shouldn’t it be?  DC is a government town, and government is big business.  Unfortunately, the bigger that business gets, the smaller the rest of the country becomes.  Trump struck a very powerful chord in finally saying that Washington’s gains have largely been purchased at the expense of the rest of the nation, and that it was high time that sort of thing stopped.  You could almost picture Barack Obama shifting uncomfortably in his chair at hearing that, as if the burrito he ate for lunch was coming calling.

What was missing from the speech, though, was any overt reference to conservative principles.  For those who might chafe at that (as we small-government geeks are wont to do), I can understand the trepidation.  However, the implicit message comes from what Trump said near the beginning of his speech, in which he promised to slash Washington’s influence across the nation–a very conservative message, indeed.  It seems to show that his heart is in the right place, huge outlays for infrastructure notwithstanding.

At any rate, it’s good to hear from a president who really seems to love the country and have its best interests at heart.  Hopefully, with a Republican Congress there to restrain Trump’s worst instincts, we’ll get where we need to go,

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