First Responders to Baseball Shooting Awarded Medals of Valor

Today, President Trump presided over a medal ceremony awarding Medals of Valor to the Capitol Police who confronted and subdued the gunman who shot five people practicing for a Congressional softball charity game on June 14th, 2017. Three additional first responders from the City of Alexandria were also awarded for their assistance in tending to the wounded, securing the site and protecting the lives of others. The award is the highest honor for a public safety officer an individual may receive from the United States government.

The recipients included Special Agents Crystal Griner, David Bailey, both of whom were injured while confronting the assailant; and Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe and Alex Jensen of the Alexandria Police Department.

The president gave a strong speech, thanking the members of our protective services and honoring the doctors who saved the life of Steve Scalise (R-LA), whose security detail was the only reason anyone at the game was able to fight back and avoid a larger tragedy. One could see a wave of emotion on the faces of those being honored for their valor, and the crowd made clear their mutual appreciation for those who, according to the president, “raced through the bullets.” While human instinct tells us to run from danger, he commended their ability to “run toward it, to stand in the breech and protect the innocent.”

Rep. Scalise was released earlier this week from the hospital and will continue his recovery in an impatient facility.

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