Florida Prosecutor Avoids Lewandowski Circus But He Did Grab Her

Can you imagine the circus if Corey Lewandowski went to trial for simple battery–even a bench trial? It would be a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money, media time, and the public’s appetite for stupidity.

Chief assistant State Attorney Adrienne Ellis and her boss State Attorney Dave Aronberg made a good call on the facts, the law, and the politics by declining to file charges. But at the same time, the facts show that Lewandowski did grab Michelle Fields’ arm.

What the facts of the case don’t show is how much of a jackass Lewandowski is–possibly the biggest jackass in the history of jackasses since King David sent Uriah to his death after impregnating his wife Bathsheba.

If only he’d made the apology like 10 minutes after the event, this would not have been news. Fields would have her job, and Breitbart would be able to pretend it has journalistic standards.

Yet the jackass parade of Branch Trumpidians goes on.





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