Football Fans Send a Clear Message to the NFL

After every member of his team but one stayed in the locker room while the national anthem was being sung, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters, “Like I said, I was expecting 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team.”

Since when did it become more important to respect a football team than to respect our country? Former Army Ranger and current Steelers left tackle Alejandro Villanueva served three tours in Afghanistan to preserve the right of others to protest, so he’s also earned the right to express his own opinion on this subject.

Regarding the Colin Kaepernick situation, Villanueva previously said,

I don’t know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that’s providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year … when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year.

After Sunday’s team boycott of the national anthem, lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fans are now turning to social media in droves, to let the team know how they feel about the disrespect being shown to our country by these “protests” to give credibility to a fictitious narrative, specifically that claim by Black Lives Matter that there is an epidemic problem of racist white police officers murdering innocent, unarmed young black men.

This patriotic and very angry former Steelers fan burned over $1000 worth of memorabilia, including a nice, expensive leather jacket.

Another fan suggested his favorite Steelers hat, formerly a cherished present from one of his children, could now “burn in hell.”

This woman even seems to now regret her Steelers tattoo, but in a slightly more pragmatic gesture, announced she would donate her nice, expensive jackets to homeless people. She only planned to burn her most sentimental mementos.

However, in spite of the fact that Steelers fans across America are now burning their team memorabilia, sales of gear bearing the name of one particular Steeler left tackle have suddenly surpassed team jerseys with names like “Brady” or “Rodgers” on them, to become the hottest selling NFL merchandise on the market.

That’s right — Alejandro Villanueva is currently the most popular player in the NFL.

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