For The 10,000th Time, Pornography Is Not Victimless

Let’s review for those who seem not to get it: Pornography is not victimless. It has lasting, sometimes permanent, effects on its viewers, and its consequences lead to bad things happening. This issue once again came up due to the unique peccadillos of one Donald Trump, who is supposedly running for president.

By now this is old news. A “porn star” (which is basically anyone who has acted in a porn film, since I don’t see too many “supporting roles” Oscars for skin flicks, but what do I know?) accused Donald Trump of offering her $10,000 and a plane ride in return for sex.

Susan Wright over at RedState wrote this one up, with total disgust, over the fact that she was forced to defend Trump from what is likely to be a pig-pile on the pig. I won’t get into the swarthy, slimy details other than to tell you the woman’s lawyer is Gloria Allred, the bottom-dwelling counsel to all celebrity-hounding money grubs.

This was her chance to be seen by millions, with her clothes on, for a change. It’s better to be filmed by news crews, flanked by a well-coifed attorney in a power suit than it is to be seen in some seedy, back-alley peep show venue, by dirty guys in stained sweatpants, smelling of stale beer, I guess.

Wright meant the porn star, Jessica Drake, not Gloria Allred, in case you are confused. After the article ran, Wright’s Twitter timeline lit up with people defending pornography.

Here’s a selection:

It comes down to this, and these people refuse to get it. I can’t share the tweet because of the language but in her reply, Wright wrote “I do see the diff, but you cant grasp that porn messes w/some abuses’ minds. That’s the point.”

And it IS the point. Pornography is mental masturbation which is typically accompanied by the physical act. Anyone who has gone through 8th grade health class knows why men get aroused. It’s not the result of a good meal. Hormones coupled with visual stimulation are a powerful combination that affect the male mind.

Study after study proves that porn messes with teenage boys in profound ways (here). Some guys suffer sexual dysfunction with real women because they have been overexposed to pornography (here). The adult film industry (the name is ironic considering that many of the performers are barely old enough to be legal) is competitive. The stimulation has to increase step by step, and like any addictive drug, it takes more to achieve the desired response.

But this isn’t like “I am addicted to sugary snacks, therefore I harm myself by being fat.” It’s more like Walter White making a more pure crystal meth, resulting in instant addiction and impulse control issues.

I get it, that the people on Wright’s Twitter feed were arguing that the sex performers in the films were not victims of sexual assault, because they were willing participants. Actually they were paid participants. I suppose that makes the transaction a form of legal prostitution, where the voyeur behind the camera pays two people to have sex for the lens, then sells the edited result.

The viewer is the john, who gets to relive the event over and over. It’s a legal swindle where the conspirators are the performers and the producers. The poor guy watching is being victimized and paying for the privilege. Even if he’s not married, he’s creating future victims–the woman or women whom he will expect to live up to his on-screen fantasies.

Wives of porn watchers are almost always victims. Their husbands would rather achieve self-pleasure with a video or online than with their spouse. There isn’t even an “other woman” to hate. These guys will take all kinds of precautions to keep their wives in the dark: apply for hidden credit cards, use assumed names, engage payment services that mask the true product being bought.

Porn creates an atmosphere of lies and deception. And to quote Han Solo, “Listen, ‘big deal’.
You have another problem. Women always figure out the truth. Always.”

Find me one wife who discovers her husband has hidden a porn addiction and has no problem with it, then ask her why he hid it in the first place. There might be some couples who enjoy it together, but it’s rare. And just because those few couples exist doesn’t justify the entire industry when millions are harmed. Marriages are destroyed. Savings are squandered.

Finally, don’t tell me there’s no sexual assault in the porn industry itself. Hollywood thrives on an underbelly of sexual favors and sex offenders. Ask any child star. Do you really expect me to believe that the adult film industry operates at a higher moral plane than the rest of the movie biz? No, it’s much, much worse. A woman who performs sex on camera is considered fair game off camera.

I know that lends an air of truth to Drake’s claims as to Trump. Maybe Trump is such a scumbag that he did offer ten grand and a plane ride in exchange for sex. But that doesn’t make Drake a victim. She said no, and he didn’t force her. That’s not assault.

For anyone to claim that Drake, or any other “porn star” is simply making movies, and that the industry which thrives off the money, dysfunction, and addiction of others, is victimless is simply absurd.

But those who continue to defend it are unlikely to get it, because they don’t care about other people’s marriages, or mental health, or, frankly, other people. They are selfish users who want their porn, no matter who else it hurts, so they will continue to claim there are no victims.


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