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At CPAC this weekend I answered the question of why the left is ahead of the right online. My quote, which I believe you can find on any number of left wing sites, was along the lines of “because we have family lives because we don’t abort our kids and we believe in capitalism so we go to work.”

I stand by that quote. It’s a great line. I’ve used it on several occasions. It got a great bit of laughter from the room, which was its intention. Some people, however, have no sense of humor. Probably because it hits too close to home for the humorless.

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  • Well as one of the Left-wing Libreals I can Say you are Full of it crap

    As Someone that knows Christ as his Lord and has been born again.

    A fact that I belve you need to get uses to because 75% of all people under the age of 27 year are to Policaly Liberal for the Pharisees and all that have
    said to them selves since 1980 For we shell Quit the Grate Commition and instend sing the Goly of a Hollywood Actor – Politions – davlided in the acult- for we know Jesus Don’t come to save siner he came for tax break and to Make Use rich. but thats OK the Gratest generation was More politicly libral then John Edwards yet more biblical Conservitive the James Dobbson.
    1 Tim 6:3 to 6:10

    If anyone teach a Different doctrine and dose Not agree with sound words of your lord Jesus Christ and teaching that accords with Goddliness, He is Puffed up and understandes Nothing . He has and Unhealthy carving for controvery and for quarrls about words, which produce evny, dissension ,salned, evil suspicions, and contsant Friction among people who are depraved in mind and depraved in truth, imanging that godliness is a means of gain. Now there is grate gain in godliness with contentment, for we came into this world with nothing, and we can not take anything out of this world but if we have food and clothing , with these we will be content. But for those who desire to be rich fall into tempation, into a snare, into many senless and harmful desires that plung people into ruin and destruction. for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils(C.A.F.T.A. Bush free trade Free of the Holy Moral Law of God and every thing that has mand the Republican Party a Pernemnt Minority)It is through this craving that many have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs

    I say to all of you repent!
    For I haven’t abandon the Grate Commission and Now the who Democratic Party in My City more then 200 poeple befor the meetings starts they all pary the the Only name under Heven givne to men by that we must all be saved Jesus Christ of Nazzerith

    I ask all to read isaiah chapter 1 to 6 for everything I have agenst you an Repent for your bigest problom is all of you have Plank in your eye how can’t to see clerly to take the spekes out of your borthers eye when you have a red wood tree sticking out of your face

    next read Exodus 22:16 to 22:31 and then Exodus 23:1 to 23:9 For I tell you the Truth Jesus Is Holy the Modern Cherch dosn’t reveal a Holy Christ For if thay did the Pink Eliphent in the G.O.P. would AKA Rudy would get Upset to Find Christ Care about the leat the Last and the Left Out For Jesus Is a God who loves Justice and rudy, Mc. Cain ,Rommny Bush and Rove and clintion who in my book is a Republican all hate Justice!
    that’s why they love to pray of the voneralbe for chep Labor.

    Read all of Malachi, for again! the modern Cherch is just like the temple in the book of malaci,only move depeaved!

    One Note I like Capitalium inside the Holy Moral law Of God!

    Note if any of you have a Flock and think your going to help the G.O.P. by getting them to hate Barck of Hillery Know this if you lead the leat of
    of the Lord’s Sheep into sine It would be better for you on THAT DAY!, to have a Gient mill stone tied around your neck and to be cast into the sae. The in will to staned in Judgment befor the Son of Man. Let not meny of you be teacher for the teacher will be judged harsher then the student.