Foreign Donors: Trump Hasn’t Done Anything Obama Didn’t Do 100 Times Worse

The media is in a tizzy over the fact that some foreign leaders got fundraising emails from Donald Trump’s campaign. Yes, I know, Trump only hires the best people (who are willing to work for him), and he only buys the finest email lists. But Barack Obama raised millions from foreigners, and did it on purpose.

The Washington Post’s panties are absolutely in a bunch over Trump’s email. Note that their article didn’t include any response from the Trump campaign, possibly because WaPo is persona non grata for The Donald since they forced him to write a $1 million personal check to veterans groups.

The solicitations prompted watchdog groups in Washington to file two separate complaints Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the Trump campaign was violating federal law by soliciting funds from foreign nationals.

What happened to Trump is a self-fulfilling prophecy, since many of Paul Manafort’s political contacts are outside the U.S., and no self-respecting campaign insider from previous GOP presidential races will work for the Orange Throne. So whatever lists the Trump campaign buys are likely not top-quality A/B tested, behaviorally vetted data.

Remember back in April, when Trump’s campaign got locked out of it’s own database because they laid off their data guru? Yeah, the best people.

Back in 2012, WaPo reported on Obama’s foreign funding, which since 2008 was a mainstay of his online small donor operation.

Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged. Instead, the campaign is scrutinizing its books for improper donations after the money has been deposited.

The article is littered with quotes from Obama’s lawyers talking about extensive reviews and refunds. Uh huh. But Obama never bothered to just put a block on accepting foreign credit card donations or check against foreign addresses.

The Washington Times also reported on Obama’s illegal foreign cash.

Former Bill Clinton campaign consultant Dick Morris described the scope of the problem in a recent column: “In September, the Obama campaign got 1.8 million donations from small contributors who did not break the $200 threshold requiring that their information be reported to the Federal Election Commission. They gave the campaign 98 percent of the $181 million it raised that month, a figure vastly higher than its take in any previous month.”

The liberal press, having made its pivot against Trump, will help metastasize this foreign email issue like it’s a huge problem. Give it a few news cycles and you’ll see it popping up on CBS, NBC, ABC.

Trump cannot run a professional campaign because most professionals won’t touch him. And every minor-league mistake they make between now and November is going to be properly memorialized by the hostile media.

The GOP knows all this, and has precious few days to, as Erick wrote, do what is right.

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