Former Prez Candidate Praises & Defends North Korean Nukes

In case you forgot that the motto of the American Left is “Blame America First”, here’s your daily reminder.

When former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein isn’t protesting and being arrested, she still finds time to hate America and praise North Korea.  Yes, you read that right.  Jill Stein is in the news again – this time for passionately defending her beloved North Korean dictatorship against negative American characterizations.  She says the US government is “demonizing” the communists to implement regime change.

During an interview on MSNBC with Alex Witt, Mrs. Stein said the following:

“The demonization of North Korea is part of the run-up to regime change. It’s part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on.”

When the cable news host brought up the North Korean nuclear missile launches, Stein plowed ahead:

“But remember where that came from.  Long before they began their missile tests the U.S. was conducting nuclear bombing runs against North Korea. We actually had nuclear weapons until the end of the cold war.  We actually had nuclear weapons stationed in South Korean.”

“So, this is very frightening to them.  They have been basically cornered into feeling like they have to develop a nuclear weapon.”

Get that?  It’s our fault that North Korea is threatening to nuke Los Angeles, because we’re intimidating them.  Maybe she also thinks America is forcing Kim Jong-un to feed some political rivals to vicious dogs and burn others alive.  Unsurprisingly, she went on to condemn new sanctions on North Korea, Russia, and Iran.

While this is ludicrous and idiotic, please don’t be surprised by it.  This way of thinking is all too common among liberals, even if most are smart enough to not admit it publicly.  In the eyes of many Leftists, America is the biggest danger to world peace, and murderous foreign regimes have no choice but to defend themselves against us.  I am sure some Leftists are genuinely afraid of North Korea, but many more still blame the US for this tension and want to hold us responsible.

This worldview is taught widely in the Ivy League universities today, which turns out many of the liberal activists and staffers in Washington D.C.  I saw and heard it there personally as a student.  As an example of this attitude, history classes in the Ivy League and other elite colleges regularly teach that America was at fault for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, because America placed an oil embargo on them.  In the eyes of elitist liberals, Japan was provoked to war and had no choice but to attack Pearl Harbor to defend their economic interests.  These “scholars” similarly extract this “it’s America’s fault” idea to every other interaction the US has on the international stage.

To these Ivory Tower residents, the United States should make our enemies a nice cup of tea and tuck them in at night.  They think to themselves, “If only everyone knew we mean them no harm.  Then there would be peace in our time.”

This “radical pacifism” (as progressive icon Noam Chomsky termed it) is what is on display with Jill Stein’s comments.  Without American sanctions or defense systems, people like her think North Korea would be a communist paradise where everyone sings “Kumbaya” in a drum circle.

“Radical pacifism” is one of the roots of weak foreign policy from Democrats.  Exhibit A was Obama’s limp-wristed Iran Deal.  Exhibit B was Obama lifting sanctions on the murderous regime in Cuba.  Exhibit C was Obama’s cozy relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.  The list goes on and on.  Obama shares a similar radical background and general worldview as Jill Stein, but he was smart enough to couch his policies in more conservative terms of “improving relations” and “toughening our stance” even if it was not true.  This tactic muddies the water and confuses the public, and it’s key for progressives to win elections.  Few people on the street support radical policies that blame the US for the world’s ills.

That’s why I actually welcome Stein’s comments.  I really do!  She’s removing the mask.  You know where she stands and how dangerous she is.  It is clear she and all her ilk should never be anywhere near power.  I wish all liberals were so brutally honest about what they believe on every issue.  I wish they would tell the voters their real thoughts on taxes, religious liberty, guns, abortion, etc.

Conservatives win convincingly when we expose the Left for who they are.  Look at the success in 2010 when Obama’s liberalism was exposed.  So I welcome more honesty about what liberals really believe, and you should too.  Keep it up, Jill!

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