Fox Business Has Hillary At 270–It’s Over At 9:01pm

The only reason election coverage is hedging around at hints of a Trump comeback, or forcing outside probabilities, is so people don’t tune out until after 9:01 pm Eastern time. Because that’s when all the networks are going to call the election for Hillary Clinton.

The latest Fox Business scorecard shows Clinton with 307 electoral votes. North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Utah and Arizona are listed as toss-ups, while Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are “lean Democrat.” They are being charitable.

But worse, Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Indiana are in the “lean GOP” category. These should be safely Republican but Trump has turned them into leaners. If Clinton wins only 88 electoral votes in her “leaning” states (that’s Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida), she wins.

She doesn’t even need Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona or Utah. Folks, it’s already over. Trump has succeeded in throwing the election to the person whose campaign he helped fund, to the person whose daughter and his daughter are best friends. This year, there’s only one party, and it’s blue. The other party is represented by a braying jackass.

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