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  • I could listen to Fred all day long and hope to hear more and more of his ideas on anything pertaining to our country and its future. God bless him and his family. I hope he and Mike Huckaby get to know each other soon and get along well with each other. They could learn a lot from each other.

  • Yeah, the Social Cons done got all squishy with a swinger who married a wfe twenty-five years younger than him. I bet the folks at Viagra are sending him contribtutions. Soon, we may see him in a commercial with Mark Martin and Bob Dole advertising impotence drugs.

    The right to life issue was just a political football all along, and ten years from now the Republicans will go for someone that says Jesus is a myth.

  • Andrew,
    Actually, that’s very encouraging to many pro-lifers who think this should be an issue left to the states and, as Thompson said, not to courts. Many of us, likewise, don’t want to throw women in jail for having abortions.

    And, as Fred said in the posted video, his Senate record is 100% on life issues.

    Put another way, when Fred ran for office as seen in that debate, he was further to the right than Romney or Rudy.

  • Let’s see, Fred was married at 17. He and his wife divorced amicably in the mid-80s. In 2001 he remarried and now has two kids.

    At least, Linda, he’s not a whack job like Ron Paul.

  • Now Erick, don’t you be picking on my guy! Ron Paul has done forgot more than Fred has ever learned about foreign policy. Ron Paul’s credentials are second to none, and we know that a Dr. who delivers 3,000 plus babies knows where he stands on abortion. Dr. Paul does not have to listen to a poll before he opens his mouth because when you stand on a solid foundation of truth and faith in the Lord, you can be the same person in Texas that you are in Washington DC. That is rare today. We have 15 of us so far that have started the Macon Meetup. Ron Paul’s Meetups are growing by over 10% a week! And he has over 31,000 people signed up as friends and raised from $2 million on the 3rd of June to over $5 million as of last weekend.

    Unlike, Hillary Clinton who has a bunch of morons supporting her and had to ask for people to vote on a campaign song, a guy named (last name Dore I believe) has already written four campaign songs himself for Ron Paul. This singer is doing a concert in July and will be singing the songs. If you visit Myspace you can find the guy, he is on the top of the friend’s list with a small beard and beret like cap on. The songs are quite good.

    There is not a candidate other than Ron Paul that could beat any Democrat candidate running for office, and you can take the wisdom from a 52 year old that has watched many Presidential elections to the bank or dismiss it as nonsense. I’ll bet you a steak dinner that if Ron Paul does not win, we will have a Democrat in the White House in 2009. Now the limit on the steak dinner is $30, as I like to cover my bets up front. Check out the songs. This is a revolution of the young people that the MSM is foaming at the mouth right now because these smart liberty loving 18 to 30 year olds are going with Ron Paul. We are going to have the biggest turnout in primaries that we have had since the sixties! I am there to guide the youth in this revolution.

  • http://zfacts.com/p/521.html

    Look at the other Republicans who think like Dr. Ron Paul. I say we bring the troops home, and send all of the people still supporting this poorly planned war. For starters, I think Sean Hannity should go to the front line! This scoundrel has profited from the blood of heroes and I refuse to go to a concert that he sponsors. I support the Marines, and I support the USO, but Sean Hannity supports more of our finest young men and women getting killed for a lie. I am tired of the lies, and I am tired of Fox News feeding us with propaganda. It is a shame that Fox craves power so much, and the other corrupt corporate media organizations are just as guilty that they each write their books and get rich from other people giving up their lives. The people are waking up to these lies, and I am doing all I can to educate those I come in contact with. I cannot relate to the stay the course policy because no one wants to admit the President was given bad intelligence. Shame on the whole bunch!

  • Fred Thompson will throw us an election cycle ahead of where we normally would have been in New Media. Bravo – I’m still voting McCain (as of now).

    Ali A. Akbar

  • Those who want abortion left to the states need to read the 14th amendment. And they need to know that “person” at the time was defined as “human” in slavery jurisprudenceleading up to the amendment. We could also check out the “posterity” clause of the preamble.
    As soon as the issue is given to the states, the 14th amendment will lead to its being appealed to the Court. We need a Constitutional Amendment making clear that person means person, OR we need a simple act of courage on the part of Congress, which can assert its will and remove the issue from the Court.

    As for Thompson, he shined his fanny in the Impeachment trial, in which he decided contrary to his oath that he was simply not going to convict no matter what the evidence (which nobod every looked at, anyway). And before people get all exercised about the Independent Counsel, know that it was Congress that released the Whitewater report (without even reading it), not the OIC. They had meant it to be confidential.

  • Still, he sounds good on life issues. I hope he is not a “leave it to the states” person, which Ron Paul is, unfortunately.