Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks during a campaign stop for Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Madison, Wis. (AP Photo/Andy Manis)

Free the Delegates and Support Walker-Cruz 2016

Assuming there is enough support for the delegates to free themselves from the suicide pact that is a Trump nomination, they need a back up ticket. The chief concern I get from delegates is that if they free themselves, what do they do. I think the most obvious choice would be a Scott Walker – Ted Cruz ticket.

Let me explain why.

First, it goes without saying that many of the major players in the party already know that Donald Trump is heading the party to electoral defeat and a certain loss of the Senate. But these same people would rather strap themselves onto deck chairs on the Titanic than have Ted Cruz get the nomination. Cruz at the top of the ticket means they lose power and they will not let that happen.

At this point, it is far better for us to ditch Trump and beat Hillary than have the Mitch McConnells of the world and Washington lobbyists surrender for job protection.

Second, Cruz has the delegate clout to make this happen that no one else does. He also has a perception among even a lot of right-of-center pundits that he is in this for himself and is actually without principle. Those of us who know Ted know this is not true, but a lot of opinion leaders on the right will never be moved from their hatred of Ted.

In Ted’s favor is being the statesman these guys do not think he is capable of being. If Ted Cruz comes out, admits we need to avoid the suicide that a Trump nomination would be, and recognizes he cannot be at the top of the ticket, he can be the king maker and statesman, both saving the party from Trump and setting the party on a course toward beating Hillary. It also, frankly, puts him in a good position for 2020 and proves all the pundits who hate him to be wrong.

Ted deserves to be on the ticket. But I think it is a bridge too far for him to be the Presidential nominee at this point. That’s just the reality of the situation.

Third, we need someone who has shown leadership, can beat the left in states Obama won, and will win back college educated whites while holding on to blue collar voters. I think a Walker-Cruz ticket has the best chance of doing that.

Scott Walker is loved by the donors. In fact, many of the donors sitting on the sidelines now were backers of Walker early on. Walker showed real leadership by bowing out of the campaign early foreseeing that if the field did not consolidate, Trump would win. He gave up his ambitions for the good of the party. He also can win in Wisconsin.

Walker’s major mistake headed into his race was to put all his good people in his Super PAC then hire wildcards to run his campaign. He then could not communicate with the very people who had helped him win so many elections. It was a mistake not reversible once made and I don’t think he should be penalized.

A Walker-Cruz ticket could beat Hillary Clinton. It could be competitive in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina, which would give us the Electoral College win that Trump will not get. That ticket would take Arizona, Missouri, and Georgia off the table for the Democrats and settle the unrest in Utah. It could win Wisconsin and get 283 Electoral College votes.

For every Trump voter that ticket might lose, it would pick up both the Republicans Trump loses and the vast number of independents who are desperate for someone other than Hillary and Trump. The winning message writes itself: The GOP spared the nation Trump, but the Democrats won’t ditch Hillary.

Delegates at the convention need to free themselves. Then they need to back a Scott Walker – Ted Cruz ticket. We can beat Hillary. They can beat Hillary.. Donald Trump cannot.

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