Freedom To Assemble, Prayers For All

Today is a hallmark of our Blessed Country, Inauguration Day.

Millions will assemble to celebrate the traditions of our right to vote, and the intelligence of our forefathers to synthesize this Republic, an Electoral College to encompass the voice of all. Unfortunately, due to immature bullies, many are organizing their celebrations quietly, by invitation only. Safety is the primary reason for this.

Tuesday evening, I attended a happy hour with like-minded Conservatives in the San Francisco Bay area, where one can imagine the number of conservatives are rare. While this event was held at a public establishment, and was not closed off for a private event, many of us were surprised at the level of rude infiltration. A mild example, one person tried to mingle and ‘fit in’, all the while tape recording conversations secretly (he was later told this is not permitted, and asked to leave).

The majority of viewing parties in the area have been secretive, as protestors and infiltrators are guaranteed, considering the intolerance of the San Francisco culture and people. Any indication of pleasure, or even respect for the system if not the man, will result in retaliation.

Prayers for ALL Americans today, and forward, as egos, pride, anger, ignorance, and a plethora of misplaced irrational emotions escalate. The rain expected today in the SF/Oakland areas will help suppress those planning nefarious actions, one can hope.

May God protect us and keep us.

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