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For the longest time I knew Truett McConnell as Truett McConnell College. The college is an unapologetically Christian space in academia here in Georgia. But Truett McConnell is growing up. It is now Truett McConnell University. Dr. Emir Caner has led the institution for some time and the university keeps growing, sending young men and women into the workforce around the world with a Christian world view.

I am delighted that they asked to sponsor The Resurgent this week.

A year after World War II concluded, in 1946, Truett McConnell was chartered. Young men returning from hell on earth found refuge and grace to learn and live way up in the North Georgia mountains. The university keeps growing and I hope you will check out the university.

The world that believes nothing created everything and the world that believes God created everything are more and more collided and Truett McConnell University is equipping students to be lights in a world of doubt.

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