Fully Aware

I’m fully aware I’ve been light on blogging, both here and at Peach Pundit. My laptop had to go back in the shop fora quickie repair. It should have been home yesterday, but the part they needed showed up without a necessary component.

The power chip was shorted out and had to be replaced. I didn’t have the problem before the Hard Drive crash, so they repair show is willing to eat the cost of the labor on this repair. That was really nice of them, but I’m desperate to get my machine back.

I’ll have lots to say about Bible Study and becoming a GTD cultist.

Oh, and Yay Blue Flavor! More on that later.

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  • Maybe you should just get a PC. I’ve never had as many problems as you seem to be having with your Mac. ;^)

  • Wait he uses a Mac?!?

    Maybe all the hookah smoke messed up the power chip you hemp wearing hippy 🙂

    PC are easier to self repair then laptop but if you need portability lugging around a 25 pound desktop setup is not the way to go.

    When you get back to blogging I’d be interested to see any comments you have on Buckley’s latest piece. RS doesn’t seem to have noticed it yet.