GA06: Jon failed to ‘vote his Ossoff’ in 2012

Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff (GA-06) – who admitted to CNN that he does not live in the district he wants to represent – did not vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

Though the revelation does not disqualify him from holding the office if he wins the June runoff, one must wonder how voters in the district will feel about it – particularly after being inundated by signs reading “Vote Your Ossoff” for several weeks.

“Jon was working on his Master’s degree at the London School of Economics during the 2012 election and as a result did not vote,” according to a statement from a campaign representative.

There was no mention of whether Ossoff attempted to obtain an absentee ballot which would have allowed him to vote despite being out of the country at the time. He did take advantage of that option in 2016.

Ossoff did manage to find time to follow the 2012 campaign, as evidenced by several Twitter posts during the weeks leading up to the general election, such as this one regarding a debate between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney:

The runoff between Ossoff and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel (R) is scheduled for June 20.


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