A skinhead with a strike-ring and the word fighter tattooed on his neck is pictured during a neo-Nazi march in Hagen, western Germany, Saturday Feb.10, 2001. About 7,500 counter-demonstrators attended the march organized by the Federation of German Unions, far exceeding the 5,000 who had been expected. The neo-Nazis were allowed to demonstrate but banned from wearing jack boots or bomber jackets, and also not allowed to march in rows or beat drums. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Gawker Media Likes Skinheads More Than Christians

This is actually pretty funny when you think about it.

Gawker Media is the company that just lost big to Hulk Hogan. It is a rather detestable site that has championed the outting of gay men and harassed conservatives and Christians over the years.

In 2014, Gawker led the left-internet in shaming Mozilla’s CEO for giving money to Proposition 8 in California. Gawker’s then tech site Valleywag drummed up opposition and chronicled all the techies in California who would refuse to work for Mozilla until Brendan Eich lost his job. After all, Eich was clearly a bigot and had no place in technology.

It was a horrific episode that eventually even saw some liberals suggest it unwise to target Christians for their political views, but the damage was done.

Fast forward to 2016. Gawker’s main site now has an article entitled Even If You Were a Skinhead, Your Employer Is Not the Judge of Your Personal Beliefs.

The Neo-Nazi in question only writes about food and does not now advocate killing black people, so how dare he lose his job. That’s the argument.

There you have it folks. Skin-heads are preferable to Christians in Gawker’s world.

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