Gay coffee shop owner in Seattle forces Christians out of his store

In recent years we’ve been told that everyone must tolerate everyone else – more than tolerate, in fact – we must affirm, celebrate, and participate, backed up in most cases by the end of a barrel of a gun (for this is what laws come down to).

As is frequently the case, rules don’t often equally apply. In the land of Progressive tolerance, a gay owner of a coffee shop in Seattle kicked Christian customers out of his shop recently.

The pro-life activists with the group Abolish Human Abortion, an overtly Christian group, were on the streets of Seattle last weekend distributing literature and talking to people about abortion and the gospel.

They decided to stop in at Bedlam, a local coffee shop, to take a break, but soon the owner rushed in holding one of their pamphlets, visibly angry, and told them that they had to leave.

“I’m gay, you have to leave,” owner Ben Borgman told the group. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.”

In the video published by the group, one of the members pointedly asked, “So you’re not willing to tolerate our presence?”

“Will you tolerate my presence?” Borgman asked in return.

“We’re actually in your coffee shop,” the activist retorted.

“Really?” the owner demanded. “If I go get my boyfriend and f*ck him in the a** right here you’re going to tolerate that?”

The exchange, unfortunately got worse from there.

This is yet another example of the hatred and intolerance we are awash in as a nation. What will Christians do in response? Will they file a lawsuit as has been done to them repeatedly for the sole purpose of forcing the individual or business to comply with their wishes? If I were a betting person, I’d feel very comfortable in saying no.

Everyone has their example of discrimination they can hold up. Everyone has been treated unfairly. Hate, hate, hate. Bad, bad, bad. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Am I making a moral equivalence of all discrimination and injustice here? Most certainly not, so let’s not get sidetracked.

But what now? Are we going to keep firing volleys at one another ad infinitum? Keep hating? Keep ratcheting up the calls for revenge?

How well does that ever work out?

What if we did something different? What if we let it all go and started over? We’ve all been mistreated. We’ve all been wronged.

The point I’m making is that as long as we’re filled with hate and “making them pay” is our goal, we should only expect for we as a people and as a nation to descend into further division, chaos, and ultimately violence and dissolution.

We still have time to choose differently.

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