Geologist Sues the Grand Canyon…and Should Win

There’s no denying the reality that at least when it comes to the question of origins, the American government has established a national religion – materialism. If “established national religion” seems too aggressive, consider that even though it is philosophically based and therefore not scientifically falsifiable (meaning it is by definition unscientific), materialistic origins is preached from every public school textbook in the country, required in every public school curriculum, embraced and promoted exclusively in all government funded museums and academies, and now apparently, protected by the National Park Service.

Dr. Andrew Snelling is a PhD geologist who has been studying rocks for decades. Many times those studies have taken him to Grand Canyon National Park where he has led tour groups as well as research missions to analyze and observe the historical testimony of the rock layers revealed in remarkable detail there. So it was not out of the ordinary for such a man to make what is a standard request of the National Park Service to allow the removal of 60 half-pound rocks from various areas of the Colorado River.

But Snelling has one unique characteristic about him that cost him: he rejects the established religion of the state when it comes to origins. He is not a materialist. He believes in special creation of the Earth by God. He’s a Christian. And in his estimation, that is precisely why his rather mundane request has been denied.

Snelling has worked to reveal that the evidence found in the rock layers of the Grand Canyon are, realistically, far more likely to have been laid by a whole lot of water in a little bit of time (think global flood) rather than a little bit of water and a whole lot of time (think millions of years of erosion). The millions of years theory relies on a uniformitarian presupposition that is just scientifically impractical given the catastrophic events that we know have taken place on the planet. It is unreasonable to think that Earth’s processes laid down precisely the same amount of sediment year after year for eons of time without interruption.

Snelling has committed his life to revealing that through his studies. But since that works undermines the prevailing dogma of both the scientific establishment and the all-powerful state, he isn’t even being allowed 30 pounds of rocks from a river basin.

To his credit, Snelling isn’t taking the slight sitting down. With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, he has filed a lawsuit against Grand Canyon National Park, the Department of the Interior, and the National Park Service alleging religious discrimination. It’s going to be a tough case for the defendants given that there seems to be little reason besides Snelling’s minority views that he has been denied.

The few that have been cited are pretty sad. For instance:

Karl Karlstrom, a geologist at the University of New Mexico who reviewed Dr. Snelling’s proposal for NPS, offered a different opinion. Karlstrom said the proposal was not “well-written, up-to-date or well referenced” and concluded “Dr. Snelling has no scientific track record and no scientific affiliation since 1982.”

Karl’s a good little soldier for the scientific elite. But he’s also lying. To say Dr. Snelling has no scientific track record or affiliation in the last 35 years is the height of arrogant hubris. This is what the state religionists of materialism do. If a scientist doesn’t hold their worldview, he is not allowed to publish in their journals. If he doesn’t publish in their journals, they claim he isn’t a “real scientist” because of that. It’s circular reasoning that is as obvious as it is stupid.

The truth is that since 1982, Snelling has been a professor of geology at the Institute for Creation Research, a geological consultant and researcher/writer for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization, and the Koongarra uranium project in Australia. He has been the founding editor, and editor-in-chief of two scientific journals, and has been the director of research at Answers-in-Genesis for a decade. Snelling belongs to 8 professional associations including the Geological Society of Australia, Geological Society of America, Geological Society of Canada, the Mineralogical Society of America, the Society of Economic Geologists, and the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits. He has also received four top prize awards for his research writing on everything from anomalous radiometric dating to the cooling of granite.

But he doesn’t belong to Karl’s cool kids club of materialists, so they won’t let him collect rocks. Behold the maturity of modern American “science.”

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