George Will Stands His Ground

It was nice to see George Will standing his ground on “This Week” this morning. Rarely do I watch that show, and when I do it is because of George Will.

Today, Will pointed out that in the 1970s scientists were virtually unanimous that we were entering a new period of global cooling. Likewise, today scientists are virtually unanimous that we are entering a period of global warming.

The naysayers are convinced it is the fault of mankind, despite the fact that the sun has entered a warming period too. The problem boils down to a simple fact that you can scream at me all day for saying — humanity contains two very vocal groups, the hate America first crowd and the hate humanity first crowd. People can belong to both groups at will. They are generally anti-progress (yet call themselves progressives) and they are generally agnostic, to be charitable. They have substituted a worship of God for a worship of the secular and their chief deity is the environment. Their Bible consists of a hockey stick graph of ill repute that shows man is at fault for a warming trend that is only occasionally actually detected, but whose source is not agreed to except by those who blame all of the earth’s problems on mankind and particularly blame those dirty Americans and their rampant capitalism.

Let’s not fool ourselves. There are capitalists, socialists, and communists who believe people are responsible for global warming. But, I think it is no small coincidence that the latter two groups are generally the most vocal and most likely to want to shut down capitalism to cure global warming.

Let’s also not fool ourselves on the warming trend. The earth is getting warmer. At one time though, the earth got cooler. Then it got warmer. Then it got cooler. Then it got warmer. It’s a cycle of life that we will not stand in the way of whether we are getting warmer or cooler. We are foolish to place significant blame on ourselves and we would be even more foolish to place significant resources at the disposal of rabid-environmentalists who accept their own dogma as a religious belief and ignore all facts to the contrary.

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