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Georgia Democrats Propose Legislation to Seize Your Guns and Jail Gun Owners

Democrats in Georgia are the gift that keeps on giving for Georgia’s Republicans. The Democratic Leader in the Georgia House of Representatives and several other Democrats have gotten together and drafted a bill that would require the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s officers show up at your house and confiscate your guns and magazines. For those of you in New York City, that’d be your “clip,” not something you read.

The Georgia Democrats have a specific list of guns, including a number of guns by Heckler & Koch, which manufactures their guns in Georgia, that would be banned. The legislation calls on the GBI to seize any guns already purchased. The legislation would ban any magazine that holds more than ten rounds, which would include every off the shelf Glock, which is headquartered in Georgia. The legislation would make it a felony to own a magazine that holds more than ten rounds or any of these guns.

Most every long barrel rifle and semi-automatic pistol would be subject to confiscation by these Democrats.

It is so nice and refreshing when they are honest about their intentions. They really, really do want to round up all the guns and throw gun owners in jail. Georgia’s Republican Party should be thanking them.

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