Georgia Republicans Actually Consider Prohibitions on Christian Run Businesses

The Christian doctrine of vocation says that in all Christians do, their first goal should be to glorify God. The Christians who run Hobby Lobby set up their business to explicitly be a God centered business. Their organizational documents express their desire to run their business as a Christ centered business.

In Georgia, House Republican leaders are considering an amendment to civil liberties legislation that would deny religious liberty protection to any Christian for-profit business. In other words, Christians could run a for-profit business, but that business would have no religious liberty guarantees if the Christian business owner operated it with his values. Under the amendment authored by House Republican leaders, if a Christian business wants to seek protection for its religious liberty, it must set itself up as a non-profit entity. They are doing this because the Georgia House Republican leadership fears the gay rights lobby in Georgia and liberal CEOs of companies will retaliate.

Consequently, Georgia’s House Republicans have decided to side with Mammon. This amendment would deny protections to Hobby Lobby that the federal government gives to the organization because Hobby Lobby is a for profit business.

If you live in Georgia, tell the Georgia House Republicans to pass HB 757 as the Senate amended it, without gutting it.

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