Georgia Republicans Set to Pass Massive Tax Increase Today

The Georgia House of Representatives is set to pass a massive tax increase today. They will be converting the state motor fuel sales tax to an excise tax. Instead of being a percentage based on the price of fuel, it will be a flat rate per gallon of gas.

That, in and of itself, is a good idea. But the Republicans in Georgia have decided to not just convert, but increase the tax. In addition, they have structured the legislation to ensure local governments will raise taxes too.

It’s a big tax increase. Most amazingly, the House Republicans in Georgia are denying that it is an increase. On top of that, after the Speaker of the Georgia House called out Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform for daring to speak out against the legislation, the top lobbyist for the Atlanta Braves, who has close ties to the Speaker, filed an ethics complaint against Grover Norquist. He claimed Norquist needs to register as a lobbyist to complain.

This highlights the thuggish tactics Republicans in Georgia are using to pass their tax increase. No doubt they will rely on Democrats today to get their legislation passed.

If you live in Georgia, you need to call your State Representative ASAP this morning to tell him to vote against H.B. 170, the transportation tax increase. Use this link. Put in your address. Call your state representative.

The Georgia Republicans should convert the sales tax to an excise tax, but they should do so at a neutral tax rate. Instead, they want an increase.

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